[GIVEAWAY] SHINHWA Shin Hyesung’s Birthday (Indonesia Only)

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Post fotomu yang bisa bikin kami tergerak untuk memberikan hadiah giveaway ini… Syaratnya hanya harus ada unsur Hyesung-nya… Gaya bebas~~~ Kalian mau foto ala Hyesung, dengan koleksi Hyesung kalian, bebass bass bass~ Pemenang hanya 1 orang beruntung yang akan mendapatkan hadiah-hadiah di bawah ini:

– Album Shin Hyesung ‘Serenity – Mono Version’
– Album Shin Hyesung ‘The Cycle’
– Album Group S ‘Fr. in. Cl’ (Hyesung, Kangta, Jihoon)
– Pritilan Hyesung (Susah ngerinciinnya)

Post fotomu di Instagram dan TAG ke kami berdua (@flosyung & @tiffalen_mm). Tidak perlu follow kami ya ^^ Yang penting Instagram-mu jangan di-private supaya kami bisa lihat~ Batas akhir adalah 26 November 2018 jam 11.59 WIB (Siang hari).

Pemenang akan diumumkan tanggal 27 November 2018 (Ulang Tahun Hyesung~)


[PROJECT] Scrapbook for Shin Hyesung 02

Wow my last post is 17th July 2018!

I just want to post this Scrapbook~ I made this as a gift for Shin Hyesung when i came to “2018 SHINHWA 20th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT HEART TOUR IN SEOUL”… My first Shinhwa’s Concert! Yeheee~ I gave to him via his Stylist (Cheche eonni i wuvvv you~) and when i still in the concert hall, she chatted me about my gift~ Yippie~

and here is my Scrapbook for him~


PS: My bestfriend Maria helped me to make this~ Thank you so much!

[PROJECT] Scrapbook for Shin Hyesung

Note: I dunno i can call this stuff as a Scrapbook or not… Since so messy and not too good… But hey i made this with my heart (with your hands Flo ah!)… Okay so this is my 2nd Scrapbook Project (or 1st? I can’t count the mini scrapbook i made for my friend’s baby)… Whatever… But i made this for Shin Hyesung and gave it to him in the MOVE Concert (Hell yeah, he already received it… I told you why i’m very sure with this… Because his manager (Jung Seung Hyun), picked it up from my friends (Thanks Maria & Annie eonni!)… And he (the manager) sent Line to me and said Hyesung already received it… HAH!)… But after he received it, maybe he already throw it to the nearest trash can ( i dun care and i dunno)… Just let me be delusional, i hope he will save it…

Extra Note: I really love to make this Scrapbook… I got motivation from my bestest friend Maria (Her IG is @mariasuyangga, go check it, she is Junjin’s fan)… She made A LOT OF GREAT SCRAPBOOK for her beloved Junjin… I hope someday i can make something like what she made for Junjin *sigh*

[PROJECT] Shout Out untuk Shin Hyesung (CLOSED)

*Note: Ini project pribadi, bukan project SHCJ Indonesia

Jadi begini, untuk konser Encore di bulan Juni, aku mau kasih hadiah dan bikin scrapbook untuk Hyesung. Scrapbook-nya sih mau diisi foto-foto Hyesung begituh. Cuma tadi kepikiran aja, mau nambahin shout out dari fans2 Hyesung di Indonesia. Jadi dengan postan ini, mau minta tolong dari teman-teman pecinta Hyesung lainnya untuk ikutan ngisi Shout Out buat Hyesung~

– Maksimal 140 karakter (Kayak Twitter)
– Sertakan ID kalian (Username Twitter boleh, IG boleh, apapun boleh) Jangan terlalu panjang yah
– Shout Out dalam bahasa Inggris


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