[RANDOM] TaeSyung?


TaeSyung… I will ship them too… Puahahahahaha~

*cough* The same Shirt between Hyesung & Taehak 😀

At the first pic, Hyesung used it first i think
But at the second pic, Taehak used it first (Premier Yeongasi) & Hyesung used it for his Winter Poetry’s Photobook

But dunno… Maybe they bought it together… Hahahaha

PS: Sorry Eric… I like TaeSyung too… But Ricsyung is the best for me 😀

Credit on Me


[FOTO] Happy Birthday Hyun Taehak!

Happy Birthday My Lovely Taehakkie~ (25 April)


I’m not that delusional tbh… But i really enjoy this~ hahaha

신 @xvshintaxv
Hepi birthday Taehak!! cc @floppybeib semoga cepat menuju pelaminan!! Hkhkhk

LeeBinZz Young ★이빈영★ @LeeBinZz
happy birthday taehak!!!
@floppybeib foto berdua pake couple cap nya donk!!
aq kan mau liaaaaaatt~~

sofie junnosuke @mycolorisland
@floppybeib makacih cayang, happy bday Taehak \(^o^)/ *tebarbunga*

peppie @peppie_
happy birthday steve’s manager hyun taehak. wishing you a long & blessed life.. *sends @floppybeib with orange ribbon as birthday gift XD

Silvana Senjaya @silvana_ns
Happy birthday, Taehak-nya @floppybeib ! *brasa request lagu di radio jaman dulu, buat A-nya si B* #TaeFlo forever lah pokoknya! XDDD

Silvio @Silvioo_
Happy Birthday Taehak.. *krn gak tau musti ngucapin ke siapa, jd mention ke perwakilannya aja @floppybeib * km pst sdg banjir mention

Diana HFC @Lindt_cho
@floppybeib semua kehebohan ultah Taehak di mention nya flo ya?! hahaha, good good..<3

Monica Winny @MonWinzz
Taehakkie, u better go to @floppybeib house now, she has everything prepared for ur b’day… :p

nadia jovita i.r @choonqjae
iya yah hari ini berasa kayak kak @floppybeib jg ikutan ultah… semuanya ngucapin happy birthday taehak tp mentionnya ke kak flo :3

chaphy @chaphy_shcj
Happy B’day 2 Taehak..forever Shin Hye Sung Manager..if someday U come 2 Indonesia,please meet w/ my @floppybeib eonnie..she’s really Love U

SMgK @nyitnyoties
seems like @floppybeib is taehak’s twitter official lolx btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY the most handsome guy in shinmae! go go TaeFlo, wish u the best

Ismiati Azizah @missjutek
Ini yg ultah taehak kan? Terus kenapa pada mentionnya ke @floppybeib ?? Hahahaha.. #kura2dalamperahu #pura2gatau #taefloforever XD

Gogo Poweran6er @gogandeiz
uh eonni’s bday too? :D. Happy bday Taehak @ShinhwaCompany u’d better meet @floppybeib because we ship TaeFlo XD XD

Asih Nur Aini @ainiaas
Happy birthday Taehak,,take care @floppybeib please..shower her with your love.. >0<

SyaN @whiteandy21
Ahh, today is one of special day for this girl, right? @floppybeib ~ Happy Birthday Taehak ^^ when you meet floo, please protect urself :p

♥ Unicornsgalaxy ♥ @unicornsgalaxy
Love all the Taehak Birthday wishes coming into my tlist. Also love how most of them are telling him to marry @floppybeib

nadia jovita i.r @choonqjae
taehak-sshi please show a lots of love for @floppybeib unnie… she really needs your loveㅋㅋㅋ

AndaeRic! WaeRic Oo @DaebakLegend
TAEFLO FIGHTING !!!!!!!!!! \^O^/ “@floppybeib @/DaebakLegend TaeFlo fighting!!!”

dede syaadah @oktdd
Happy birthday Taehak, come n celebrate your bday in bali, Indonesia, our @floppybeib will b your lovely host. Poke @ShinhwaCompany

graffy sabrina @princessgre
Happy bday taehak..please break up with lee and marry this girl » @floppybeib hihihi XD she loves u more than your bos hahaha

AndaeRic! WaeRic Oo @DaebakLegend
@ShinhwaCompany @LIVEWORKSCP Happy Birthday Hyun Taehak! Wish you all the best! Take care and plz give to @floppybeib lot of love :p

Celebrating His Birthday (27 April 2013)


Thank you for all of my friends who came to the crazy celebration party (LMAO sorry)


Credit pics: Mada+ and my personal pics

[ALL ABOUT] Hyun Taehak

Ahahaha i think i’m crazy right now but he is tooooo handsome & cool, so i will make 1 post dedicated for him :p



Name: Hyun Taehak
Birthday: 25 April 1980
Occupation: Shin Hyesung’s Manager
OTP: TaeLee (Taehak & Chief Manager Lee Jonghyun)
Twitter: @hth9263 (Not active)


Twitter Fanbase for Taehak

Follow @Hyun_Taehak


Photo Gallery

Credit on pic

Video Gallery

[FANCAM] 120429 Shinhwa at Kimpo Airport
[FANCAM] Hyun Tae Hak at Changi Airport June 15, 2012
[FANCAM] 120512 SHINHWA in Taipei Taiwan after concert
[FANCAM] Shinhwa Manager (Hyun Taehak & Lee Jonghyun)
[FANCAM] Shinhwa Manager (Hyun Taehak @ Shinhwa 15th Concert) ==> MUST HAVE!!!
[RAW] MBC Introduce The Star’s Friend (Shin Hyesung & Hyun Taehak) – Part 1
[RAW] MBC Introduce The Star’s Friend (Shin Hyesung & Hyun Taehak) – Part 2
[RAW] MBC Introduce The Star’s Friend (Shin Hyesung & Hyun Taehak) – Part 3
[RAW] MBC Introduce The Star’s Friend (Shin Hyesung & Hyun Taehak) – Part 4
[RAW] MBC Introduce The Star’s Friend (Shin Hyesung & Hyun Taehak) – Part 5
[RAW] MBC Introduce The Star’s Friend (Shin Hyesung & Hyun Taehak) – Part 6
[RAW] MBC Introduce The Star’s Friend (Shin Hyesung & Hyun Taehak) – Part 7

To be continued…