[RANDOM] Some Quotes

Yeah i love to read FanFiction, sometimes i find some great quotes from it… Just want to post it in my blog and will read it again and again ^^

“I need you to keep me sane”

“Everytime the world slipped out of my hand, I will turn to you and suddenly i believe everything will be okay. So when i couldn’t reach you, i became unreasonable and all i can think was bad things”

“I love you because you loved me when i couldn’t love myself”

From: RicSyung Fanfic – Stay Stay Stay

“They say that i can only fall in love once… But what shoul i do if every time i see him, i fall in love all over again?”

From: RicSyung Fanfic –ย Our Memories

“And i know it makes me selfish but please donโ€™t give up on me so easily if you find me again”

From: RicSyung Fanfic – Time Machine


Hyun Taehak vs Shin Hyesung


Shin Hyesung’s manager revealed, “Shin Hyesung’s circle of friends is very narrow”, and continued, “He will normally snore when he is sleeping”, as he exposed secrets that is subvert to the image of Shin Hyesung. Shin Hyesung retaliates in regards to this, “In actual fact, my manager’s narrow mind characteristics (petty character) is similar to me”, which makes everyone laughs.


Puahahahaha this two men :p :p :p