[RANDOM] Officially

09 May 2016

After 6 Years, 8 Months

Officially S.Kom


Thank you for all the support!


RFK , S.Kom


[RANDOM] Happy Birthday For MySelf!!! (160204)


Will make this post for myself… To save the memories of my 27 Birthday~ Sorry no Shinhwa in this post LOL LOL LOL


Pics from my Bestfriend~ Thanksss~

The Cake~~~ Yaaay~~~

[RANDOM] Well…

Just some old interview… But I just want to post it in here… Quote some from Angelfire

Q: What would you do if the one you love asked you to quit your singing career?
Shin Hyesung: I would have to keep persuading her to change her mind until she does.

Q: If your mother and your girlfriend drowned, what would you do?
Shin Hyesung: I’d have to rescue both of them… even if I die…

Q: If you found your one true love, would you proudly announce it to the public?
Shin Hyesung: When the time is right, I would announce it even if my love told me not to.

Q: How would a happy family be?
Shin Hyesung: Trustable family

Q: What kind of father would you be?
Shin Hyesung: Very loving and fatherly

Well… Be happy always Shin Hyesung ah…Β If you’re happy, then i’m happy too…

[RANDOM] Happy Birthday For MySelf!!! (150204)



Will make this post for myself… To save the memories of my 26 Birthday~ Sorry no Shinhwa in this post LOL LOL LOL

Zul’mieaty’ Albahr @zeuwm => eh eh eh si qaqa atu ini ultah yaaak.. wooooh~~ happy b’day @flosyung ^_____^ sukses! dan sehat selalu!

Syan @whiteandy21 => HAPPY BIRHTDAY MY DEAREST FRIEND @flosyung GBU ~~ nanti aku kasih rendang sama dendeng buat kado ~ bhahahah pic.twitter.com/jUyXjK6bbf

λ¦°λ¦° @linnlyynn => @flosyung HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLO!! STAY HEALTHY & HAPPY ALWAYS! KEEP #μ‹ ν™” -ING & have happy #memory /ies β™‘ pic.twitter.com/YTRawEZ8lk

wd. farisaty @faryfairy => @whiteandy21 yeay~~~~ @flosyung ultah~~~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY *\^^/* party dong kitanya *\^^/*

sincerity ❀ connects @DaebakLegend => @flosyung seang-il chuka hamnida~~~ seang-il chuka hamnida~~~ my dear Flo seang-il chuka hamnida~~~ seng-il chukahae

Roseliana @roshinhwa6 => Happy birthday @flosyung ! Be happy always β™‘ Let’s keep supporting #μ‹ ν™” and create our beautiful #memory with them together β™‘

Ahmad Rizal @rizallachmad => Selamat ulang tahun @flosyung

elyanee. @elyanee => Happy birthday floooooooooo @flosyung

L❀️ShinhwaIsBack @Msfshcj => Happy bday dear @flosyung may all ur best come true,all the very best, be happy & keep shinhwa-ing!!!!

graffy sabrina @princessgre => HBD @flosyung my delulu friend … keep delulu ,always believe rs is real and fighting for ur college … mesti lulus tahun iniiiihhh!!!

me again @mia_m_i => Hoooo @flosyung ultah! Happy birthday, wuatb! /SimpenEcungbuatdirisendiri\ /lemparyouknowwho\ /nyehahaha\

Ee’s Jellybean Girl @cookie_lass => Happy birthday, @flosyung ! God bless and have a wonderful day. πŸ™‚

Pp @cathryngwong => Happy Birthday @flosyung! Cheers to more #μ‹ ν™” adventures! When you remember this day in the future may it be a good #memory to you

Silvio μ‹ ν™” @Silvioo_ => Happy birthday ya qaqa… @flosyung sukses slaluuuuu….

Rhere @rellyani => Happy birthday sahabat kepompong kesayang aq @flosyung. God bless you always. Love you so much.

Shinhwa nugu? @Shinchangsuni => Happy birthday to one of our precious Shinchangs, @flosyung! May you have greater #memory to come with #μ‹ ν™” and [a certain] #Shinmae. ^^

GyoDeng is β™₯ @unicornsgalaxy => Oh? HAPPY BIRTHDAY @flosyung! Let’s make many more #memory with #μ‹ ν™” til the end of time!

dhinie marsono @dhincroy => Happy birthday @flosyung ^^ May you have a fabulous birthday and the days ahead ^^

Sofie @mycolorisland => Happy birthday @flosyung wish you more happy & success dear ^^

Bati @bati_pabbola => Amiiinnn.. “@Silvioo_: Happy birthday ya qaqa… @flosyung sukses slaluuuuu….”

me again @mia_m_i => There is a trending party @flosyung birthday #μ‹ ν™” create new #memory this year

Scary Producer @DailyShinthing => @rellyani @flosyung Met ultah, Flooo… *lemparin Taehak* ^3^

RoSeLiNe16 @RoSeLiNe16 => @flosyung happy birthday flo!

Phi @Phi_06 => @flosyung All the best 2015 could bring you. Shinhwa tops it up with a song just for you dear. I’m so jelly XD HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Pupatbongcury Member @Shinie165 => @flosyung It’s your birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3333

Ismirida μ‹ ν™” @ismirida => @flosyung let me wish happy birthday to the cutest admin flo… smoga panjang umur sehat selalu wish u all the best

Monica Winny @MonWinzz => Happy bday @flosyung, wish u all the best, keep #μ‹ ν™” ing, sukses terus buat kuliahnya n kerjanya… πŸ˜€

Riggy_Su @Sushinhwa => @flosyung Happy birthday flo 😘😘😘 pic.twitter.com/ho8DMonGHv

MJ ~ μ— μ œμ΄ @midniteGIRL => I might not know u personally but I just wanna wish you a happy bday @flosyung! Enjoy your day by blasting #μ‹ ν™” & their new #Memory song! ^^

Lina ‏@CancerGirl87 => Happy B-day @flosyung , sukses terus kerjaan ama kuliahnya ^^

Rynn ‏@6minus1equals0 => Happy Birthday @flosyung !! πŸ™‚

M Oppa ‏@novawinda05 => Flo,,flo,, floooo.. repath yak^^ and Happy Birthday @flosyung

Anna Su ‏@anna_su_shcj => @flosyung Happpy Birthdayyyyyy 😘

Aa=Andy+angel(TT)β™‘_β™‘ ‏@CelineMGW => @flosyung Happy happy birthday my fellow #μ‹ ν™” Changjo May you have a awesome celebration and have this new #memory to keep for a long time



FromΒ @missjutek… Thank you Qaqanya~ I love you all!



From my lovely eonniΒ @DaebakLegend… Every morning on my Birthday, i always found her message in my KaTalk… Soooo happy ^^



From my big bro in Church Bang Horas… Talking about Rut from Holy Bible… I love this!



From my Churchmate Kris… He knows me like Cristiano Ronaldo so much and Shinhwa! But wrong member ah, i like Shin Hyesung ah… But i like his effort!



FromΒ @MichelleAndrian… Uri Designer from SHCJ Indonesia \o/



From MySelf for MySelf… Hang on there Flo!



Cake from Office \o/




Cake fromΒ My Family~~~

[RANDOM] TaeSyung?


TaeSyung… I will ship them too… Puahahahahaha~

*cough* The same Shirt between Hyesung & Taehak πŸ˜€

At the first pic, Hyesung used it first i think
But at the second pic, Taehak used it first (Premier Yeongasi) & Hyesung used it for his Winter Poetry’s Photobook

But dunno… Maybe they bought it together… Hahahaha

PS: Sorry Eric… I like TaeSyung too… But Ricsyung is the best for me πŸ˜€

Credit on Me

[RANDOM] 06062013

Really random post, but i just want to save this “memory” at my blog… Hahaha

06062013 or 6 June 2013… That day is the day for M Countdown ticketing in Indonesia… And me, on my holiday in Sulamu – Kupang – East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia… I tried to chat *cough* Lee Jonghyun (Shinhwa’s Chief Manager) and yeah, he replied my chat… Even only “7/3 OK” but it really made me HAPPY

778521457 copyNote: Lee Jonghyun always has “great” spot in my heart… lol lol

snap20130614_174646Forgot to screencap other conversation TT__TT He gave me his private email TT__TT But already saved it to my email XD XD XD