Very random… Hahaha…

Change your PC cursor to Shin Hyesung~

– Go to Control Panel ==> Mouse ==> Pointers
– Click Normal Select and Browse the cursor
– Click Working In Background and Browse the cursor
– Click Busy and Browse the cursor





[TUTORIAL] RIP CD in High Quality (Bit Rate 320 KB/s) & Tagging MP3


Format Factory


– I’m still using old version of Format Factory, so you will get different layout but the button all same lah… And my Format Factory using Bahasa Indonesia not English XD

– Today i’m RIP-ing Shin Hyesung – The Cycle album… So, use it for example in this Tutorial

RIP CD in High Quality (Bit Rate 320 KB/s)


0. Insert your CD to DVD/CD Rom in your Laptop/PC
2. Click CD Music to File Audio… It will open new window
3. Click High Quality… It will open new window again… Choose 320 in Bitrate (KB/s)… And click Ok… This is the high quality… You will get MP3 in big size


4. Click Convert… Will back to Format Factory’s First Menu… Click Start… Converting start~
5. You will get FFOutput folder contains your MP3

Note Again: If you want to make your MP3 more pretty (Uh?), you can Tag them with Album Name, Artist Name, Insert Picture, and bla bla bla… The best software is MP3Tag… So, let’s use it~

MP3 Tagging


0. Open the software, click the green button… Choose the MP3 Folder in FFOutput… Folder not the MP3 file


1. Select all MP3 (Can use Ctrl A)
2. Click the button “Extended Tags”… It will opens new window


1. Click the 1 button “Add field” to add new field for your MP3
2. Remember, this will edit ALL your MP3 so choose the general field first (Album, Artist, Year)
3. Click the 3 button “Add cover” to add image to your MP3 (Just googling “Cover Shin Hyesung The Cycle”… HA HA HA)


4. Click OK


0. And now just edit the special field (Track No, Title, Name)
1. Edit the Track… Don’t forget to click SAVE (Disket button) after you edit every MP3… So your MP3 will sort by the track number in the album… If you not, the MP3 wil sort by Alphabet
2. Edit the Title… Don’t forget to click SAVE (Disket button) after you edit every MP3… If you phone/player supports Lyric Search (TuneWiki) , this will help you a lot to get the Lyric from web
A Lil Note for Title: You can see at Shinhwa’s Discography Wikipedia to get the complete Title
3. Rename the MP3 too… So you won’t get “Track 01, Track 02” in your phone/player… Just right click the MP3 and choose Rename… Just rename it with the song title~
4. After finish tagging, select all MP3 (Can use Ctrl A) and click SAVE (Disket button)



Created by @flosyung

[TUTORIAL] RIP Each Video/Song Track from DVD File


Let’s start with Cute Hyesungie~~~ Okay just ignore this


– Still dunno how to insert Subtitle, so i always use this software just to cut Live Performance without Talk (Hahaha)

– So far i think this is the easiest way, no need to set the time manually because you can choose the chapter automatically

– Maybe next time i’ll try to make tutorial with Subtitle HAHAHA


Cute Hyesungie again~~~

– Open DVD Shrink

– Click File => Open Disc Image and choose the ISO file (Click Open Disc if you want to use the DVD File)

– Click Edit => Re-author


– See the Main Movie, right click and choose Add


– Right click the movie and choose Set Start/End Frames (Easy way: click the ‘red box’)


– Choose the Start Frame and End Frame (Example: You want to RIP Shin Hyesung – It’d Be Nice If It Were You from tracklisting no.2 so you have to choose Start Frame: Chapter 2 | End Frame: Chapter 2… Better you try HAHAHA). To know the Chapter, just see Tracklisting on DVD Cover


– Click Backup!


– Select Hard Disk Folder in Select backup target:


– Select whatever drive/folder that you want to save the output video in Select target folder for DVD output files: and don’t tick Create VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS subfolders8

– Let it encoding your video


– The output file is VOB (Original video file from DVD). Rename the file before you start to RIP another video/song and just delete another file output (.IFO)


– I always save all the VOB files, because the resolution is still original and still has the best quality audio & video


– To convert the VOB file, you can use Format Factory, just choose the output file (MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP, etc or convert to Audio File MP3… Up to you~)


Created by @floppybeib

[ANDROID] Theme Shinhwa


SHINHWA The Return
SHINHWA Cosmopolitan
SHINHWA Shin Hyesung Cosmopolitan
SHINHWA Shin Hyesung Winter Poetry
SHINHWA Lee Minwoo Cosmopolitan
SHINHWA MinSyung The Return
SHINHWA MinSyung Shinhwa Broadcast

GO Launcher

Download GO Launcher in PlayStore

SHINHWA The Return
SHINHWA Shinhwa Broadcast
SHINHWA Cosmopolitan
SHINHWA Winter Poetry


How To Download:

untitled copy

Note: Some themes using password, just read the post carefully so you can get hint for the password

[TUTORIAL] Theme Shinhwa for Windows 7


1. Theme Shinhwa => Venus | The Classic
2. Universal Theme Patcher (Password: windows7customs)

How to:
1. Open ‘Universal Theme Patcher’ (Note: x64 for 64bit, x86 for 32bit, just check your PC or notebook, 64 or 32 bit)
2. Click ‘Patch’ for themeservice.dll, themeui.dll & uxtheme.dll
13. Restart your PC
4. Install ‘Theme Shinhwa’ (Exe file, just click it and next next next… Haha)
5. Enjoy!


If you want wallpaper like my laptop’s wallie (Screencap from Chicken Mania CF), find in here (1920×1080 pixel)


Google Chrome Theme

Shinhwa The Return

Shin Hyesung Compilation from ShinBang

Andy Lee Compilation from ShinBang

Kim Dongwan Compilation from ShinBang


You can make your own theme for Google Chrome, just install My Chrome Theme on your Google Chrome, easy ^^

[TUTORIAL] Unlock DVD, Burn DVD, Copy DVD & Shrink DVD

I will try to explain about Burn DVD, Copy DVD & Shrink DVD… But i’m still newbie…

If you don’t want to read, just go away… Do not complain or nagging, this is my private blog… All the content in this blog is up to me… Thank you…

I always try to buy original DVD from my fav boyband (Of course SHINHWA) but after get the DVD, i always make 1 copy from it and save the ori (because my DVD Player is sooo bapuk, it can damage my precious DVD so i always playing the copy one… lol)

1. Some of the DVD is locked… So you can’t copy it via Nero but you can use DVD Decrypter… You need to unlock the DVD first, download DVD Decrypter

2. Install… Open & setting like this (So the output is ISO file):

decHow to use it:

– Insert your DVD to DVD Rom
– Open DVD Decrypter (If “Region Setting” appears, choose “Asia” for Indonesian)
– Click the image ‘DVD & Hard Disk’, Just let it until finish

4. And now, we will make a copy (burn) to Blank DVD… Download DVD Shrink, install it & open

How to use it:
– Insert Blank DVD to your DVD Rom
– Click File => Open Disc Image and choose the ISO file (The output from DVD Decrypter)
– Just choose what you want on “Video”

The DVD in this era always use Dual layer, and to be honest the price of blank dual layer DVD is more expensive than 1 layer (Dual layer is 8.5 GB, One layer is 4.7 GB)… So i always choose “Automatic” on the Video so it will shrink to One layer DVD, but if you want to keep it on Dual layer DVD, just choose “No Compression”


– After that, click “Backup!”

– Just wait ^^

Please buy the original DVD to support your fav boyband/girlband… This is just for your copy, not for sale or something like that… Thank you

Created by @floppybeib

[TUTORIAL] How To Fix Your External HardDisk


– External HD can detect on “Safely Remove Hardware & Eject Media” but can’t find on My Computer (Explorer)
– Notif “Can Not Open External Hard Disk”
– Everytime pluging the External HD, notif “Format your Hard Disk” appears


1. Plug your External Hard Disk to PC

2. Open Command Prom (Click Start – Run – Type cmd & OK or Start – All Programs – Accessories – Command Prom)


3. Type chkdsk h: /f


h: is External Hard Disk drive (My Ext HD is on Drive h), if you want to know it, check on “My Computer”

untitled4. Just wait to let the program fix the errors on your External Hard Disk. I need 1 day to fix my External Hard Disk (Because too much file & too big for the size)

Created by @floppybeib